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Broker92 offers 360-degree solutions to its clients that ranges from managing real estate business activities efficiently to managing all online advertisement channels that helps them to ensure a quality service to their clientele while growing their business at the same time.

Our Core Service (BROKER92 CRM)

A cloud-based MLS (Multi Listing Service) & IDX (Internet Data Exchange) compliant Real Estate CRM that is not only industry specific but also built straight to the point which actually matters in the local realtor business in Pakistan. A CRM that continues to improve and grow exponentially across Pakistan and quickly becoming popular among some of the renowned names in the industry.

Unlike any other available CRM in the market, upon logging in to your account for the first time you will be able to browse through the shared leads and listings being shared from other brokers using Broker92 network.

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Other Services We Deal In

A: Tailored Real Estate Accessibility Apps

Broker92 also offers tailored desktop and mobile based apps such as listings and leads register, transaction management, deal management, commission management, document keeping, area calculators etc.

Such application can be useful for both individual realtors and agencies. We have the capability to implement our software solutions on all scales of real estate business depending on the size of the agency. Our CRM based applications can either be purchased one-time or can be leased on annual basis.

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B: Social Media Management

Social Media now a days is considered to be one of the most effective marketing and lead generation channel available that can be utilized with even a fraction of marketing budgets that suits the needs of even small or medium sized businesses.

Boosting and expanding your business is all about reaching straight to your segregated audience and generating a quick response out of it. Broker92 works specifically on the techniques that are best suitable for the real estate businesses and helps them in generating more clientele from local and international markets.

How Broker92 can help Real Estates in generating leads through Social Media Marketing?

Targeted Advertising.

Social media platforms collect data from their users. And that data is extremely useful to you – especially the way Facebook uses data in their algorithm. Through real estate Facebook marketing, your agency can advertise to potential clients that have the same interests, demographics, behaviours, and more as your current and past clients. This type of targeting allows your agency to speed up the timeline of your advertising funnel.

Better Leads. More Clients.

More and more people are using social media as a means to communicate with agencies and reach out to them. Whether it is a potential client or future partner, they want to connect on social media. And the first step toward that connection is your agency having a strong presence on social media.

Increased Exposure.

Many people, including your current and future clients, are on social media asking for opinions and recommendations for companies that can provide solutions to their various needs. Your agency can provide a multitude of real estate solutions! So, let your social media account share that with the millions of people that are on each platform. Your agency can exponentially grow your brand through a strong presence and active following on social media.

Broker92 offers customized social media marketing packages that can help agencies to quickly jump into the game and start generating quality leads in no time.

Our basic package starts from only PKR5000/m that includes brochure designing, content creation & social page management.

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